Wok Cooking


Why does Wok Cooking get more and more popular all over the world?

The reason is simple. Cooking is very fast and the food is healthy, because of the quick stir-friying method to prepare the meal. Before you start cooking all ingredients should be cut into pieces. These pieces will be put into the bowl shaped Wok and will be stir fried at a very hot temperature. The advantage of the wok is, that nothing falls out the Wok because of its shape. Furthermore that the vegetables, fish or meat gets cooked very quickly due to hot Wok steel and the vitamins stay in.

Before you start cooking it is practical to chop all ingredients into mouthbite pieces and have everything next to the wok. Then heat the wok. In Asia the wok is usually heated with fire which is not practical in Western kitchens. But if you turn on the heat full power and use a large hot plate you can reach very good results and have a very hot wok. When the wok is heated you put in some oil. And then time after time the ingredients. And all the time please stir, stir, stir. The stiring is the magic of wok cooking. One has to get used to it because it is such a different way of cooking, but that is the most important factor for a successful "al dente" wok result.

Of course you can also use the wok for all other cooking methods like frying, cooking, steaming. Also for making scrambled eggs.

If you do not have a wok you can also start Thai cooking with a large frying pan.

What kind of Wok is the right Wok for me?
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